April 4, 2022


  • Book list, author bibliography and collection can now be displayed in grid layout
  • Display collection summaries (requires full library refresh)
  • Support for exporting a database copy (Settings > Storage)
  • New Siri shortcuts:
    • Start sleep timer
    • Extend sleep timer
    • Cancel sleep timer


  • Redesigned book list view
  • Book titles and author names can now span an unlimited number of lines
  • Improved support for large font sizes
  • The Collections tab now sorts collections based on the collection’s “Sort Title”, if set in Plex
  • The app is now smarter about restoring items from the trash
  • Sleep timer now fades volume over a few seconds upon completion (doesn’t apply to “end of current chapter” timers)
  • The “Add bookmark” Siri shortcut now supports adding an optional note
  • Redesigned active sleep timer display
  • Improved performance when loading large playlists/collections
  • Searching on the Authors tab now displays results by author
  • Lots of UI tweaks


  • Seeking before beginning playback now overrides any pending “rewind on resume”
  • Alphabetical indexes no longer overlap books/collections in grid mode on iPad/macOS
  • Fixed library items erroneously being added to the trash when database is suspended while a library refresh is in progress
  • Increase play/pause button tap area